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Image of Captain Anita with family on the gulf Close up image of a dolphin near the boat Image of a couple strolling one of the Gulf islands looking for shells Image of a beautiful orange sunset
Intro heading to join Captain Anita on the Gulf

We offer Discounted Rates for: Military, Policeman, Firemen and Fellow Christians

Dolphin Encounters

Cruise the Gulf Islands

Releasing of Ashes

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Enjoy a Quiet, Relaxing Day on the Gulf

Jump aboard our 6 person, 20' pontoon boat as we charter out into the Gulf. Offering personalized charters into the Gulf and local islands, these charters are offered to the people that want to go out for a quiet and relaxing day with family and friends with an experienced captain that can cruise you around the islands and more. Charters are the same, no matter if it is 1 or 6 passengers. Our prices start at $300 minimum for a 3 hour tour.

Heading image of releasing of cremeation ashes

Bringing Peace to You and Loved Ones as You say Goodbye

Based out of the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs, Fl, we are a Christian Charter Boat Company who assists families and individuals that are looking for a way to release cremation ashes into the Gulf of Mexico. Our goal is to help mourners be at peace with their decision, and to make sure their trip is both memorable and peaceful. Once we launch, we will safely charter out 3 miles from shore (EPA approved), where your trip can be personalized to tailor your specific needs and wishes.